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We offer a range of Medicinal and Computational Compound
design services and have particular expertise in

  • Data mining for problem solving and reagent design
  • Application of QM methods to drug design issues

We really want to hear what your problems are and solve them

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Lead Identification and Optimisation Chemistry Services

  • At the heart of our business is the SALT MINER consortium - click the RED banner - enabling us to...
  • Improving compounds quickly through Knowledge Based Design
  • Library design for novel protein targets [3D Scaffolds and Protein-Protein Interaction (PPI) modulators]
  • Finding hit material
  • Cutting edge computational chemistry
  • Generating IP for clients in LI and LO projects
  • Reagent Design - Novelty and rationale (e.g. reduce AMES risk)
  • Collection evaluation and enhancement
  • Pharmacophore profiling
  • Toxophore assessment
  • Third party compound assessment
  • Late LO project consultancy - What science is required to add value to this compound?
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