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7th October 2016 - Available on Slideshare our new science on Pharmacophore extraction from Matched Molecular Pair Analysis

3rd October 2016 - MedChemica release first results of Multi-Pharma Knowledge Sharing Consortium - Read this article on LinkedIn and SlideShare

28th September 2016 - Available on Slideshare our talk at the American Chemistry Society meeting Fall 2016 MedChemica - Extracting and exploiting medicinal chemistry ADMET knowledge automatically from public and large pharma data

16th February 2016 - We are happy to announce that MedChemica is a partner of Horizon2020 Marie Skodowska-Curie ITN BIGCHEM network. We are looking for 10 doctoral (PhD) positions in Big Data Analysis in Chemistry. Please apply at BigChem Website

3rd September 2013 - Available on Slideshare our Poster from Cambridge Med Chemistry conference Multi-Parameter Optimization of Pharmaceuticals: the Big-Data Way

3rd September 2013 - MedChemica is awarded a grant from the Technology Strategy Board (TSB)

28th June 2013 - MedChemica helps the Protein Protein Interactions Network (PPI-Net) by researching and compiling a community document and new interative network maps. The comunity document takes a snapshot of current capability in the UK (which is substantial) and begins to paint a road map for the future in this tough area of research. The network maps show the connectivity and collaborations between researchers.

27th June 2013 - So our knowledge sharing design engine is called SALT MINER - why did we call it that - read the story on our blog

26th June 2013 - We are delighted to announce the formation of a consortium consisting of AstraZeneca Plc, Hoffman La Roche, Genentech and MedChemica. Using Matched Molecular Pair Analysis will be processing data from all companies to yield the SALT Knowledge Share system to generate a Grand Rule Database of Medicinal Chemistry Knowledge. We will make this available for drug discovery efforts through our consultancy business and an online tool. Read about it in The Wall Street Journal and Guardian article. Press release from AstraZeneca PLC Fierce Biotech

17th June 2013 - Dr Ed Griffen presents Knowledge Based Design using Matched Molecular Pair Analysis for Multiple Parallel Optimisation in Drug Discovery at both European and Japanese OpenEye User Group meetings in June 2013. His slide set can be found here on slideshare

19th April 2013 - MedChemica are delighted to announce the online publication of "Matched Molecular Pair Analysis in Drug Discovery". Abstract - Multiple parameter optimisation in drug discovery is difficult, but Matched Molecular Pair Analysis (MMPA) can help. Computer algorithms can process data in an unbiased way to yield design rules and suggest better molecules, cutting the number of design cycles. The approach often makes more suggestions than can be processed manually and methods to deal with this are proposed. However, there is a paucity of contextually specific design rules, which would truly make the technique powerful. By combining extracted information from multiple sources there is an opportunity to solve this problem and advance medicinal chemistry in a matter of months rather than years. -click here to go to ScienceDirect and download

27th July 2012 - MedChemica Limited at incorporated as No. 8162245 at Companies House UK