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Our Purpose

We aim to:

  • help design drugs and agrochemicals for the treatment of diseases and improve agriculture
  • develop and exploit knowledge based design science to help our clients make the right compounds first time
  • find technologies and methods to connect large pharma and emerging drug discovery units, and place them on the path to successful collaborations
  • serve our client base in biotech, CRO, foundations, universities and large companies.

Medchemica Ltd

  • MedChemica has over 40 years of combined experience in Drug Discovery.
  • Over 140 Publications and Patents in
  • Areas of medicinal chemistry (GPCRs, Kinases, Proteases, Enzymes),
  • Computational chemistry (Matched Molecular Pair Analysis, Informatics, Quantum Mechanics) and
  • Organic Synthesis (Diels-Alder, asymmetric synthesis, reaction modeling, polymer supported reagents).
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